Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Brunch at Conti's

We wen't to Nuvali since we wanted to have breakfast there, however, we got there a bit late and it was almost noon. But since we're still hungry, we still decided to eat something on the restaurants which are currently open at that time. We chose Conti's which is a bit packed with people at that time.

Conti's Pastry Shop and Restaurant started out with a small store and soon expanded into branches around Metro Manila. They are quite famous because of their yummy cake Mango Bravo which is really to die for.

Their branch in Nuvali is quite big, They have a second floor which can hold events or additional seating for guests. The front is crowded with people who orders pastries over the counter and waiting. They crowd almost the whole entrance of the store. The dining area for guests is big and can accommodate a lot of guests. They actually combine tables if needed for larger groups. They have booths at the side of the store overlooking the ice view outside. I think they also have seating outside if the crowd really is big there. Since it was early. there are only a few guests dining in here including us.

staff serving the guests

long table for large groups

As we enter the store, the staff quickly assisted us and got us some seats. We settled in a booth near the window and it was nice. They handed us the menu and we got our orders. They serve several dishes aside from pastries. They have pork, beef, fish and chicken dishes. A whole variety to choose form. We settled for their breakfast/brunch menu since we're craving for something light.

As we told them our order, most of the stuff we asked are out of supplies. I am not sure why they didn't tell us before we chose. We all wanted a hot chocolate but only 2 were available at that time. My brunch meal also had different changes since most are not available. We ended up ordering French Toast Meal and a Tocino Brunch Meal for me. We had the Tsokolate Ga and Jasmine and English Breakfast Teas for drinks. I wanted to have coffee at that time but the hot chocolate seems yummy.

The service was nice since they go to us once in a while when our order seems to be not available and we need to change it. The only problem was that we waited long for our orders to arrive. But since we're all talking to each other, it was okay.

Tsokolate Ga (PHP85)

The drinks arrived first. The teas were served in a small pot of water and you just do the tea by yourself. The Tsokolate Ga was really good. It was like the hot chocolate I usually enjoy at home on rainy days made from the tableas we buy at Batangas. It was really good and yummy. However, It got cold already when the food arrived but it was still okay.

Chicken Tocino (PHP145)

My dish came out first. I ordered Chicken Tocino and it was served with achara, scrambled and garlic rice. They also had a vinegar on the side. Curious, I mixed it with the meat and it tasted yummy. It is also nice paired with the achara. The Chicken Tocino was good by itself, though. You can taste a bit of smokiness in the meat as it is mixed with a sweet and a bit salty flavor. The serving was good and I was really full after finishing my plate.

French Toast (PHP125)

The French Toast arrived last. I am not sure why but it was just four slices of french toast with two strips of bacon and a cup of fruit slices. It looked good and healthy for me. Maybe next time, i'll try it.

The food there is good and we liked the place since it wasn't that crowded at that time. They attend to us well even if the food was a bit late to arrive. I recommend to eat at this place whenever you're in Nuvali to enjoy the food and the nice surroundings there. We did, and I am sure you will too.

Conti's Pastry Shop and Restaurant
Solenad, NUVALI
Sta. Rosa City, Laguna
Tel. No: (049) 3026050 / 55
Mobile: (+63922)8819126 / (+63905)2545110

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