Monday, January 2, 2012

Early Morning Drive at Nuvali

We planned to have breakfast at Nuvali one morning before the year ends and so, early morning, we prepared and had a drive to Sta. Rosa, Laguna going to Nuvali.

Most of the shops and restaurants were still opening at the time we got there and so, we looked around first before deciding where to dine. We saw the big carps in the pond where you can feed for a fee. Actually feeding them is free, only that, you can only feed them with fish feeds that can be bought there for PHP15 per pack.

It was fun feeding those carps as they gather where you pour the feeds. They seem to be automatically opening their mouth in front of us to catch the food. They all crowd up in front of you almost getting out of the water just to have those feeds. My friend said that these are younger Kois. Before, the fishes they feed are all bloated up and are really fat because of the constant feeding. They can even reach your hand when you pour the feeds to them. We asked and they said that those fishies are transferred to another location since they are all over fed.
Fishies ready to be fed

fishies competing for food

You can also have other activities here. You can rent a bike and stroll around. I am not sure about the rates but they sure can lend you some bikes. You can also cruise the small pond they have there. There is a small ferry that can bring you to both ends of it as you enjoy nature.

You can also try out trail running here. There is a small course here where you can run. I just didn't explore the area much since it was almost noon and the sun is getting hot and we are already getting hungry.

I am sure I'll be back here and will definitely try out the other activities they offer. I also hope that the Wake Boarding area they said that will be build there will soon be available. I can't wait to try out again that water sport.

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