Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Year That Was: Looking back on 2011

I started 2011 with various goals in mind. And it turn out that I have achieved some but haven't done most. However I had done more than what I thought I could do during the past months. All I can say is that 2011 was the year I traveled.

I started the year completely lost and wanted to do something different, something I haven't done before and so I signed up to different things, mostly those stuff I was dying to try out ever since. I literally became a 'YES MAN' since I never said no in all the invites. I was the one asked by people who wanted to go for a trip and they instantly get a travel buddy courtesy of my boredom in life.

What I did in the 365 days of the year covered in my 207 posts:

  • Climbed and reached my first summit
  • It was followed by other mountains (Link 1 | 2 | 3)
  • Tried out a new sport and failed
  • Attempted again and failed yet again.
  • But then, I finally succeeded.
  • Been to different provinces in Luzon. (Just browse through my blog, too many places)
  • Was able to camp out on the beach.
  • Traveled abroad on my first international flight.
  • My first international business trip.
  • Attended a Philippine Festival.
  • Is not a bora virgin anymore.
  • Had my first of many fun runs. (Link 1 | 2 | 3)
  • Entered a casino.
  • Helped through outreach programs
  • Sponsored a child.
  • In constant communication with her.
  • Dined out almost anywhere.
  • Braved the challenges in the gazillion adventures I had.
  • Met a whole new bunch of people and made friends with them.
  • Partied hard. Even on a weekday.
  • Bought a Lottery Ticket. But didn't win.
  • Broken a camera.
  • Was broke because of that.
  • Invested on something.
  • Had a sudden impulse to build a library. Bought a book once in a while.
  • Sleepless nights.
  • Stressful days.
  • Depression attack
  • Midshift adventures.
  • Blog finally getting income (even if it was so little, it still matters).
  • Blog's first anniversary.
  • A dog bite
This and a lot more I didn't even imagined I did but it made me more independent now. A very busy year as a traveler and adventurer. I am looking forward for more on this coming year. So watch out for it. Here are some sneak peak:
  • Backpacking Korea
  • Backpacking Kota Kinabalu, Brunei and Kuala Lumpur
  • Bagasbas - Calaguas Trip
  • Sagada Trip
  • Ilocos Trip
Some are still vague plans but I hope I can do it this year. I am hoping that I get to have the budget and time for everything. I am also planning to go back to school this year but it is still taken into consideration. But I hope that this year is my year of learning. New things to explore and new things to discover.

Let's start the year with a smile and a positive outlook. I hope this year works out great for me and for all of you!

Happy New Year! Happy 2012! :)

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