Saturday, April 9, 2011

First Run: Hyundai Run for a Cause

My brother invited me to register to Hyundai Run for a Cause but unfortunately, the registrations were closed after he said it to me. After some weeks, the registration was once again opened and I get to register this time. I told my friends about it but the registrations closed after a day and I was the only one who registered.

Hyundai Run for a Cause is a free fun run that is sponsored by Hyundai for its anniversary. It benefits Gawad Kalinga in their projects. Over a thousand people registered for this run (mainly because it is free) but most of them didn't attend the run. However, there are still thousands that is why runners are divided into different waves so that runners could be more comfortable in running through the course.

Together with my brother and a friend, we woke up at 3am in the morning to prepare for the run. I was going to run for 5K and they are registered for a 10K run. As we were driving through SLEX, traffic hit the road and we (actually, only them) are running late. I was sleeping in the car conserving my energy and I woke when we got to Quirino Grand Stand. Wave B has already started so my brother ran for the Wave C.
Runners at the Grand Stand

I was waiting alone for my turn to run when a friend saw me and I got a picture on the event as proof that I really ran! :P I ran on Wave F and finished the race 36 minutes on my phone timer.However, this is my official time in the race:

I got this from so just check your strider tag for the bib number so you can see your official time during the race. I am so proud that I was part of almost 30% of the runners that finished ahead. It was a nice start for a first time racer. I'll improve my pace the next time.

I crossed the Finish line! woot!
I will definitely run again when there is a chance because I enjoyed this experience so much. All the morning jogs are worth it and helped a lot in boosting my stamina. I will aim for a 10K in the future but for now, 5K runs are my thing. I don't want to over stress myself in running long distances but in time, I will try a 10K so watch out for it.

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