Sunday, April 10, 2011

High School Reunion Dinner at Marciano's

It has been 7 years since we were together as classmates in high school and this night, we came together to have a mini reunion and remember the old times and catch up with the latest happenings in our life.

I graduated from CSA BiƱan on 2004 and since then, we parted ways. Some went to UP, La Salle and UPLB. Because of an spontaneous invite, we decided to meet up at Greenbelt after work. It was something we haven't done for the longest time.

We decided to dine at Marciano's. It is an Italian restaurant located at Greenbelt 3. They serve pasta, pizza, streaks and other dishes as well. The place is a bit small, but good enough for large groups. They have seating inside the restaurant as well as outside. They have a lot of crew that assists you who are friendly and accommodating.

The interior is dimly lit and as I can picture, it was a little bit crowded. The chairs usually blocks some of the walk ways inside. However it was still okay and the ambiance is good for small groups like ours, we can hear each other in our conversations. The place is packed with guests during dinner time but slowly, they decrease in number during late hours.

The dishes there are a bit pricey but it was okay since it comes in big servings. It was good to share in a group. We decided to avail their packaged meals and add some dishes for all of us to share. We had the Title Bout set meal which comprises of Times Square Fish and Chips, Frutti Di Mare, Bryant Pork Pizza, Woody Allen Linguine and Tenderloin with Sausage. We added West Side Four Season Pizza and Legally Blonde Pasta.

Frutti Di Mare (P288)
The dishes came soon enough and we didn't wait long for it to be served. They served the Frutti Di Mare which is a green salad with prawns and calamari in honey-lemon vinaigrette. I loved this salad because of the mix of sweetness and sourness of the dressing with the crunch of the fresh greens. The prawns and calamari also goes well with it. I loved this dish so much but I was shy to get a lot since we are 7 people sharing it. :P

Times Square Fish and Chips (P278)
The Times Square Fish and Chips is also a favorite that night. The deep fried fish is just right with the dip. It is yummy and I can say that it is fresh. I just don't know what fish they used but anyway, it tasted good. The chips however are like store bought chips placed in a fancy plate served with the fish.
Tenderloin with Sausage (P549)
The Tenderloin with Sausage is another yummy dish. The meat is tender and is cooked just right. It is juicy in every bite. The sausage too is good but I am not a sausage person so I appreciated the meat more. The mashed potato on the side goes well with it too.
Bryant Pork Pizza (P338)
The Bryant Pork Pizza is also good. It has ham and lots of cheese on top. I didn't get to taste much of it since it was the last one to arrive and I was already full at that time.

West Side Four Seasons (P479)

The West Side Four Season Pizza is another pizza that we had. It has four flavors consist of pepperoni, mushroom, seafood and four cheese. I got to taste the seafood part and it was okay. The crust is just thin so I enjoyed the toppings more and it is what I prefer most.

Woody Allen Linguine (P318)
The Woody Allen Linguine is a pasta dish consist of Shiitake, button and oyster mushrooms with prosciutto in truffle cream sauce. It is served with bread on the side. The sauce is creamy and the mix of other ingredients makes it more yummy.

Legally Blonde (P298)
The Legally Blonde Pasta is a penne pasta in red sauce. I am not sure why it was called Legally Blonde since I was assuming that it is served in white sauce, but anyway, it was also a yummy pasta dish. I just didn't get to eat much of it since I was already full of the other dishes.

Overall, the dishes in Marciano's are yummy, however, most of it are quite pricey. The staff and crew are accommodating and friendly. The place is good but just try to dine in when it is not meal hours. It is a date place as well as for special occasions just like our mini reunion that night. Just drop off at Greenbelt 3 if ever you crave for yummy pasta, pizza or steak dishes (and of course if you have the budget).

Good food, good place and good friends. It surely made my night!

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