Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fire and Earthquake Drill at Smart Tower

March to April is Fire Prevention Month here in the Philippines and in case you don't go out the streets the whole day, it id freakin' hot especially during noon time. Last Tuesday, it reached the hottest day ever recorded which is 36 degrees Celsius. It is as if you will break out into fever anytime soon. In these days, most of the buildings in the metro conduct Fire and Earthquake drills for compliance with the city ordinance.

This is the first time I get to attend a fire and earthquake drill since on my previous company, I intended to leave on that day or go to work late so as I would not go down the 21 floors of our building. This time, we are only located at the 7th floor and since we miscalculated the time they will conduct the fire and earthquake drill, we get to participate on it.

That morning, the speakers were tested in preparation. We thought that they were just playing some weird music for us but they were just testing it for the activities later. At around 3 in the afternoon, those speakers were turned on again announcing the start of the drill.

Everyone went to the nearest fire exit and went outside the building. There, we watch the rescue team rappel from the 8th floor of the building. they demonstrated different rappelling styles and it made me envy them. I wanted to do the same too. I wonder where I can do it.

Anyway, the drill ended with a demo of a fore being taken out by the fire extinguisher. After that everyone went back to the building. We stayed outside because it was very crowded and all elevators are packed with people going back.

We stayed for a while and waited for the crowd to subside. We went back up and continued work, however, I am still wondering on how I can do those rappelling the rescue team did. I really want to try it one time. Does anyone know where I can possible try that?

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