Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Switchfoot Hello Hurricane Concert Tour

We watched Switchfoot: Hello Hurricane Concert Tour at Phil Sports Arena (formerly ULTRA) and it was a blast! The fans are all hyped as they played their hits from their album Hello Hurricane and some old schools songs of theirs.

I am not much of a super fan of Switchfoot but I surely like their songs so when my concert buddies (yes, we always go together in concerts) invited me, I didn't say anything (literally) and we all bought tickets for this.

Our Ticket for the event

I first known them back when A Walk to Remember was shown on movies. Their song Only Hope was sang by Mandy More in one of the scenes. My friend gave me a CD which contains Switchfoot's version, the original one, and I was surprised that they were the one who originally sang it. Since then, I have known and liked their songs.

Switchfoot is composed of Jon Foreman on Vocals and Guitar, Tim Foreman on Base, Chad Butler on Drums, Jerome Fontamillas (which is half Pinoy) on keyboards and Drew Shirley on guitars all from San Diego California. They have produced several albums and the latest is Hello Hurricane which they played most songs in the album that night.

It was back at 2007 when they first came to the Philippines but at that time, I was just a poor student who cannot afford any paid concert (I only go to those free ones on Freedom Park :P) and after 4 years, they have returned and this time, we didn't miss the opportunity to watch them perform live.

The concert venue was on ULTRA in Pasig City at 7:30 in the evening. We met at EDSA Shangri-la Plaza and grabbed a quick dinner and off we went to the venue. As we got there, there are a lot of people waiting at the gate. It wasn't opened yet and so we waited. It was past 7:30 when they finally opened it (so much for Filipino time). As we went inside, we went on looking for our seats. We are seated at the front row of the lower box at the right side of the stage. We can see everything clearly except when the ushers block our view which quite irritates us. And another thing is the crowd that passes by in front of us and sometimes stands there like there's no people behind them.

The lights dimmed and Aia of Imago went on stage. We couldn't believe that they are the front act and we were so hyped by it. They played three songs and then they said goodbye. After a while, the stage is set for Switchfoot's performance.

Jamming to the beat

They played almost non stop. They sang most of the songs from their album Hello Hurricane. I cannot remember all the set list (wish I had because I wanted to post it here). Here are some of the songs they played:

On one of their act, they made all the lights turned off and requested everyone to grab their cameras and on their signal, all together, we'll click the shutter. It was one moment in time where everyone of us has taken a picture of an event at the same time. It was so nice to see all the flashes come to life in the darkness. It was simply an amazing scene.

We all took pictures at the same time

They also went to the audience in one of their act and after that they all went on backstage. I thought they were just having a break because they haven't sang Hello Hurricane yet. Soon I learned that it was one of their tactics to tell the crowd that they'll play their last songs. They went back on stage and told us that they'll play their final songs.

It was a great night and we were all tired after the screaming and singing and shouting. We waited for the crowd to lessen before we went out. it was worth it since we enjoyed the experience.

I hope my concert buddies and I will be together again on another concert. I am sure that we'll have lots of fun again the next time..

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