Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rainy Nights and S&R Dinner

It was an ordinary Wednesday night when we decided to meetup at Fort Bonifacio Global City for a dinner at S&R. We were supposed to meet up weeks before but this is the only time we are all free.

I took the Fort Bus going there and there is a minimal sign of rain. It was just when I reached BGC when the heavy rain poured down. It was a really really heavy rain that we were stuck on a building and couldn't go to where we were supposed to go. Good thing, an office mate of my friend offered us a ride and he dropped us off there. We were all wet but it was alright since we are all hungry and we are just concentrating on what to eat.

S&R is a membership shopping store. They have this small food stall just outside the cashier area and that is where we planned to eat. My friend said that they have yummy dishes and we are all excited to experience it ourselves. They serve hot dogs, pizza, burgers, fries and a whole lot more. Each one is mouth watering and choosing what to eat is quite difficult.

We decided to have the Pizza, Fries, and the Bavarian Filled Churros and Cinnamon Churros. Also, we ordered a bottomless drink.

Pizza (P99)
 The Pizza was really big. It was at least 2 big slices and it was very yummy. I had the one with vegetables and meat topping while some had the all cheese which was also good.

Fries (P49)
The Fries are also good. It was bigger than the usual fast food fries and it is fried to crisp perfection. I liked it with the mayo and catchup dip.

Bavarian Filled Churros (P39)
 We also tasted the Churros. We had the Bavarian Filled and the others the Cinnamon flavored. Both are yummy and It is quite nice that it comes in big servings. I liked it better than the ones I buy at the canteen besides the office. It is way way better than that!

We stayed there until closing time since we are waiting fro the rain to stop. Luckily it did and we could all get home dry. I t was good to have tried this place even if I work far from it. I liked the dishes and I hope I could get to taste the others as well. Maybe next time, it is also an excuse to go back at S&R and eat out again.

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