Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lunch Out Series: Buffalo Wings and Things

It was Dan's last day and since he was our team mate in one of his project, he invited us to dine with him for the last time. They suggested to eat at Buffalo Wings and Things just beside Chubby's Rib Shack. It is located at Solaris One Bldg, along Dela Rosa Street at Makati.

The place is just small and it is sharing its space with Chubby's Rib Shack. Their area can accommodate small group of diners and 1-2 large groups. It is very difficult at lunch time to have a place for a large group here and so we waited for a long time to be seated. The manager and staff were apologetic about it. We think, they need more staff in the place since there are only two people in the kitchen and the crew is very few to attend to the demands of the customers.

We ordered ahead so that we can have our food when we get seated. Good enough, we didn't wait long for the food to arrive. We had Buffalo Wings in different sauces for us to share. For those daring, they tried the Fire House Classic which has a rating of three fires. We also had the New York's Finest which has 2 fires and the Rookie which has a rating of one fire. We also had the Honey BBQ and Garlic Parmesan sauces. We paired this with a cup of dirty rice and three pitchers of iced tea. 


Dirth Rice, perfect match for the spicy wings

Chicken fingers, for those who does not dare
The Honey BBQ and Rookie has the same level of spiciness. It was not that spicy and it is nice to munch into. The two other levels are spicy enough for me. I didn't dare to try them because I have tasted their Nuclear once (it is their 4th level of spiciness) and it was really hot for my taste buds. The Garlic Parmesan is also good for those who don't like the spice.

They have another sauce called Armageddon which is the highest level of spiciness. My friends who have tasted it said it was only the hotness that you can taste and not the flavor of the chicken anymore. I will never dare taste that unless you have a gallon of water beside me to cool off the heat!

Overall the dishes they have is good, it is filling and yummy. It is for those who are daring and for those who just want to have a little kick in the usual fried chicken dishes. The servings are good to share and is really worth the price. The service is good but their downside is the long wait to be seated for a large group. Overall I liked the place. I am happy that they have a branch here in Makati since their first branch is in Ortigas which is quite far from my location. I would definitely go back here and maybe someday, be daring enough to try out the spiciest buffalo wings they have!

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