Saturday, July 28, 2012

Food Trippin' Kota Kinabalu: BB Cafe Bar and Grill

On our first night on KK, we decided to have dinner since it was in the early afternoon since our last meal We wanted to try something different and so we explored the town. Even though most of the shops are already closed at that time, there are still a lot of food establishments opened.

We were attracted by the bright lights and cheering crowd in the middle of the town. There seems to be some singing competition and as we looked and watched for a while, we decided to dine in BB Cafe Bar and Grill, the restaurant nearest to the singing competition we were watching. 
Located at Beach St Kota Kinabalu Lama, the place is big and is dimly lit. Most of the crowd there range from yuppies to older people. There are also some foreigners like us who are having drinks there. The place is open, perfect for the beer and grilled food they serve. The tables and chairs are comfortable for a large group and they have some LCD TV's around so you can enjoys some show while drinking or eating. I think they play live bands there, however, there is an event nearby making it their live music that night. The staff are very accommodating and they assisted to our every needs. They are nice and we didn't have any problems with them.


a fountain and the guests there

the other table enjoying the night

We had our dinner there. They have a selection of meals and we had a hard time deciding. It was a bit pricey but it was okay since we were too lazy to look for other establishments that night (since it was a bit raining too). I personally wanted some Malaysian food and my friends wanted some sea foods and good thing they offer it there. 

I had their Beef and Chicken Satay Platter, while my friends had the Deep Fried Scallops and Seafood Fried Rice. We were tempted to grab some drinks but beer there were pretty expensive (at least for us) and I think, my friends didn't want to have any that night since we're planning to tour the rest of the town.

Deep Fried Scallops (~RM14)

Seafood Fried Rice (~RM4)

The Deep Fried Scallops and Seafood Fried Rice were good. I had a taste of a bit of it and the scallops were cooked nicely. It was just right, not tough to chew. It comes with a dipping sauce which was mixed with Wasabi making it pretty spicy. The rice goes well with it. It has a nice flavor into it and that itself was already a meal.

Beef and Chicken Satay (RM12)

I liked the Beef and Chicken Satay. It comes with a peanut dipping sauce and some slices of cucumber. The chicken and beef were good but I liked the chicken better. It was cooked well and with the peanut dipping sauce, it was good. Don't forget the cucumber to add some refreshing crunch to it. Overall I loved it.

The food there were yummy and filling, but it was a bit expensive. The servings were small. As we got back exploring the town, there are a lot more food places which are much cheaper. Maybe if you are just looking for food, you better go to other places but if you want some drinks for the night, it is the place to be. Beer is cheap (based from other reviews) and the place is nice for group gathering. Also, the location is good, just at the center of town. Try out BB Cafe Bar and Grill and check them out yourself.

BB Cafe Bar and Grill
Beach St Kota Kinabalu Lama

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