Saturday, May 19, 2012

Food Trippin' Sagada: Salt & Pepper Diner

After our Kiltepan Sunrise viewing and our return to Echo Valley for Denise, we went around town to shop. Since we knew the schedule of the buses leaving the town, we decided to have a heavy breakfast. Most of the places there are still closed so we decided to eat at Salt & Pepper Diner since the place was already open and is near our inn.

The place is located at the town area besides SaGGas office at the second floor of a building with stores at the ground level. There is a big signage you will surely not miss and it will lead you to the stairs up to the restaurant.

The place is big and everything is made of wood. A lot of dining tables and chairs are inside as well as the outside. The view outside is nice as you can see the people on town walking around. It is also cool there as the breeze and morning air is very fresh.

tables available inside
tables outside

The crew there are nice and they offer you the menu as soon as you get inside. However, early in the morning, they failed to tell us immediately that they only serve breakfast dishes at that time. We had gone through the menu and had already picked out what we wanted when they told us, however it was alright.

their menu

They usually serve rice meals with dishes that sounded delicious, unfortunately, we can;t taste it that morning.  They serve chicken, pork, vegetable and other dishes other time of the day. We only have the option of omelets and toasts.

We had Mushroom and Cheese Omelet and Tuna, Onion and Cheese Omelet that morning. Each dish is served with two toasts on the side. Both dishes were served hot and smelled yummy.

I had the Tuna, Onion and Cheese Omelet and it was good. The Tuna and Onion is sautéed and is layered with cheese and wrapped in egg, cooked just before serving. It was good and flavorful. It was just right for the heavy breakfast (I don't eat much and don't get hungry easily) we needed. Although maybe for some it would just be good for breakfast. As for the Mushroom and Cheese Omelet, it was equally good as my friend has enjoyed it too.

Tuna, Onion and Cheese Omelet (PHP120)

Mushroom and Cheese Omelet (PHP120)

For the price, I got to admit that it was a bit pricey for the serving, however, it was still reasonable. And it was served hot to us and service and ambiance of the place is good so, we don't mind it. It was still good and I would still recommend it.

Maybe next time I'll be back to Sagada, I'll eat here once again so that I could taste their other dishes which sure looked delicious. I hope I'll be back soon.

Salt & Pepper Diner
0908-177-49720915-322-9523 or 0915-323-0430

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