Saturday, May 5, 2012

Milk Tea Hunt: Gong Cha

I was planning to get a taste of this Milk Tea place ever since it opened at the Food Choices of Glorietta. Unfortunately, due to my schedule, I seldom go to malls. Just recently, I was back to my normal schedule in the office, and since it was scorching hot in Manila lately, I decided to have a taste of Gong Cha to beat the heat.

The place is easy to find. It is located just beside World Chicken on the escalator side going to the cinema area. You will easily recognize it with its red signage and those foreign characters in the logo. Also, there is always a long queue in the small place and you need to queue up to get your order.

They have a variety to choose form there and the price is in the average of PHP80-120 depending on add-ons and the size you prefer. Like other milk tea places, they offer the usual flavors like Winter Melon and Chocolate.

I was not that decided on what to get but as I checked in FourSquare, they have recommended the Winter Melon on their House Special Tea. My friend had the Toffee Milk Tea with Pearls.

Here is how you enjoy their House Special Teas (from their website):

3 ways to taste
Gong Cha House Special

 So far, milk teas here are one of my favorite as of the day I tasted it. The tea was the right brew and it tasted good. Mixed with the milk cream, the tea has this yummy creamy flavor in it and the mixture is yummy. Adding pearls would definitely satisfy your cravings. Also, what I like is you can choose your sugar level!

Gong Cha Milk Winter Melon Tea (M:PHP80; L:PHP90)

mixing the milk cream to the tea
As for the other milk tea, it tasted good too. The balance of the tea and milk flavor was just right and the sweetness was okay since you can control it. The toffee flavor is not that dominating but it is still good. I liked it as well as the house specials they have.

Toffee Mik Tea with pearls (M:PHP95;L:105)

Overall, the milk tea they serve is good and yummy especially the House Specials. Sinkers are add-ons and not included in the order, expect additional amount if you would like some. The price is just on the average. Service is good and fast. Overall, I would recommend this place if you are craving milk teas regularly.

Gong Cha
Food Choices 3/F 
Glorietta 4 Ayala Center 
Makati City 
Tel 579-6846

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