Sunday, May 20, 2012

Food Trippin' Soderno at Molito

We have nothing to do on a Saturday night that is why my friend and I went to Alabang Town Center and decided to go to Soderno in Molito, which is just beside the mall, to experience the nice food they offer there.

Soderno is a day and night market that is located at Molito in Alabang. It is opened every weekend for your shopping and dining pleasures. They have a variety of shops that have different stalls. During Sundays, they open a Sunday Market and on Friday and Saturday night, it is a food haven for all the foodies out there. There are a lot of food to choose from in there, plus, a live band plays as you dine in with friends.

Of course, we are there during the Saturday food market. It looked like a big canteen where in you can choose anywhere you want to eat. They have a variety, from rice meals to snacks to cakes and desserts to cold drinks that will surely quench your thirst.

The Soderno tent (blurry because of the rain)

at the entrance

The area is big and is enclosed in a large tent. There are sections inside and the first one you will go into as you enter is an air conditioned area where there are a few stalls available. There is also a play pen for kids and some tables for diners. There are a few merchandise for sale here during the food market, usually, desserts. The next area is where all the food is. The place has a lot of industrial fan and it is a bit smokey especially on a rainy day since the smoke cannot go out. The back area is an open space and has no roof. It is where the portalets are. You can also dine in there if ever the dining area inside is full. Besides, it is better to stay there as it is really cool.

food stalls inside the tent
diners enjoying the food

The first time we were there, it was raining so, the whole venue is closed and quite crammed inside. However, the next time we were there, the weather is good and we were able to dine in the outdoor area where you can enjoy the night sky and the cool breeze. It is also where the live band performs but not until late at night.

Here are the different stalls we tried and surely enjoyed:

Rice Meals
There is this stall where you can see a lot of dishes on display. The owner offers free taste of their goods and surely, they are all yummy.

food choices

different dishes to choose from

yummy choices
They have this Chinese Shawarma wherein instead of rice, they will wrap the flavored meat in a tortilla wrap with a lot of vegetables and special sauce in it. It is a bit spicy and is best to have something sweet to go with it. It is really good.

preparing the Chinese Shawarma

Chinese Shawarma (PHP80)
Sisig with Java Rice (PHP95)

Their Sisig is also a winner. Paired with Java rice, the dish is very addicting (for me). It makes you want to come back the next week for more of it.

Asian Rice
This is another one of our favorites. They serve yummy fried rice from all around Asia and it is paired with your choice of toppings. Plus, the dipping sauce that comes with it was really good. It is recommended for those rice lovers out there

different rice to choose form

Thai Rice and Chicken Pandan (PHP99)

We had the Thai Rice and Chicken Pandan. It was really good, though the chicken was a bit few for the rice, but that was just me, I don't eat rice much. But for my friend, it was her favorite.

This is what we're craving for here. The array of ihaw ihaw and kanto food we always loved.

choices to be grilled upon order

Isaw Baboy and Manok

With the yummy vinegar dip

Dynamita and isaw

From Isaw, Betamax, Tenga, Hotdog and even Dynamita, they all have it. This will surely satisfy your street food cravings.

Happy Fanshu
Of course, all the yummy food is best paired with a cold drink. We tried Happy Fanshu which is a Milk Tea with pearls drink that is available there, just look for the yellow signage with Chinese characters. It was refreshing and good. For less than a hundred peso, you can enjoy a cool and refreshing drink.

Blueberry Drink with pearls (PHP95)

Caramel Milk Tea (PHP80)

We had the Blueberry Drink and Caramel Milk Tea. Both were really good.

Nature Clinic
There is this buy 3 for 100 drinks where it is really good. We tried it and we quickly got hooked. They sell juices and chocolate drinks for PHP35 a piece and PHP100 if you buy 3. The juice is really good and refreshing. You won't be disappointed in it. Besides, you can ask them for a free taste so you can dcide which one to buy.

Melon and Milk, Chocolate Drink and Kiwi Juice (PHP100)

We had their Kiwi Juice, Chocolate Drink and Melon and Milk Drink. All were really good. Try them when you go there.

As for the other stalls, It can wait when I come back and have those food cravings. There are still a lot to choose from here and I'm excited just thinking of what to taste next.

Madrigal Avenue corner Commerce Avenue
(Molito Lifestyle Center)
Fridays and Saturdays 6pm-3am
Saturdays and Sundays 7am-4pm

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