Saturday, May 5, 2012

Backpacking Sagada: Kitelpan Sunrise

Early morning on our last day in Sagada and on my birthday, we woke up at around 5am to catch the sunrise. The previous day, we asked the tour guides in Sagada to arrange a van for us to take us at Kiltepan. They agreed and we paid PHP750 for the van rental. That is they fetch us and get us back in town.

The morning was very cold and it is quite creepy walking in town that early. There are stray dogs around and they get to anyone who walks in town. It is deserted since most of the people there doesn't go out until around 6 in the morning. We were alone waiting at the town hall, cold in the morning air. We were waiting for the van to fetch us up.

After a while, the van came and took us to Kiltepan. It was around 10 minutes drive from town. We get to the main road and then to a trail going up the mountain. It was a winding path and we endured all the bumps on the road until we reached the place. We were the first to go there and upon parking, we stayed inside the van since it was cold outside.

first glimpse of the sunrise

Not long, we were joined by other tourists there. We went out the van and find a place where the view is nice. We stayed there and waited for the sunrise. We endured the cold just to have a nice spot.

As the minutes pass, more and more people came and it became more and more crowded and noisy around. There have been a big bonfire that was lit nearby if ever you need the feel to thaw those cold hands.

as the light slowly creeps in

the hue was amazing. It looked like Coelho's book cover

Finally, the sun came and the beautiful view of Kiltepan was seen. The mountains stretched far and wide. The horizon is painted orange and blue. Everything was hazy and foggy, just like a dream. It was a perfect morning on my birthday! Happy Birthday to me!

patiently waiting to reveal more beauty

Morning, finally!

All was nice and pretty until you realize that the place is crowded and everyone is noisy shrieking and talking loudly like there are no other people around. They are irritating and is ruining the serene place. It is not that I forbid them to be there and do as they please but they should have respected other people who wanted a nice and quiet place there. They share the place and not own it. This is what I hate about tourists. Their selfishness and arrogance just so because they are there and they feel that they are above all others. They should have respected not only the people but also the place.

Just a reminder for those who will go here and also for other places, keep your noise to yourself. Not everyone is fond of it. Respect others so they would respect you back.

However, the morning was not ruined and we went back to our van happy and satisfied for the pretty view we all caught in our cameras and in memory. It was worth waking up early in the morning for this. We went back in town and had some strolling early in the morning before we go back to Manila. Everything was nice that day. It was a nice birthday for me!

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