Saturday, December 25, 2010

Dinner at Bag of Beans

After our failed attempt to go to Calaruega (we didn't know they close at 5:30 -___-), we decided to go back to Tagaytay and just eat dinner. We planned to go to Leslie's for their yummy bulalo (because it is raining and it would be very nice to sip something hot) however, it was all traffic going there. As we passed by Bag of Beans, we decided to just eat there (and also because I said on the way to Calaruega that we should try it there).

We parked our car and went in their place. The part facing the road is a small
coffee shop where they sell breads and coffee. This is where you can buy the famous Kape Alamid (Alamid Coffee) which they say is the best tasting coffee there is. The beans of this coffee is from an ordinary coffee plant but an Alamid or Musang or Asian Palm Civet eats the coffee beans and when they excrete it, it would still be the same coffee bean but a different taste. We didn't get to try it. They say it is expensive but I am still not fund of the idea of how they harvest it. Maybe when I am daring enough I would get to try this.

We went inside, the part where they have their restaurants. We wanted to settle in a small hut outside. It is a small space where a large table is placed and is exclusive for large crowds. You can have your own privacy here. The staff said, however, that we need to consume food worth P1,000 and this is good for 3 hour. It was okay but she said that the roof leaks and so we settled in their large dining area where lots of guests occupy.

The whole place is Filipino inspired. capiz chandeliers are all over and wooden furniture are what they used as tables and chairs. They even had a sofa which seems very comfy. I wanted to try it but since we are a large group and the sofa is for 2-4 persons only, we didn't have the chance. Maybe next time when someone brings me here, We could get to try it. They also have an open area on the side which is a nice place to hang out. Most people smoke here but you could also stay here when you want to stand and let the food you eat settle down (lol).

The staff there greeted us with a warm welcome and they are very accommodating (they are the one who convinced us not to stay in a leaking cottage). They attend to guests well and answers all our inquiry in the menu. They are very friendly.

As for the food, the price is just on the average considering the serving size. They have limited choices on the main dish but it was fine since they have everything from pasta dishes to grills and steaks, soups, desserts and main courses. They even serve breakfast meals so you can dine in here even early in the morning. They have pork, chicken, fish and beef on the menu so you can have any of your cravings.

We had for that night:
Spaghetti with Cream Sauce (P260)

Fish and Chips (P260)

Roast Beef with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy (P320)

Lasagna (P195)

Sausage with Fires (P250)

Mr. Beans Cheeseburger and Fries (P260)

I had the Mr. Beans Cheeseburger and Fries. I opted to add the salad on the side on my burger since it only has the beef and cheese on the toasted bun. It is really huge and I can't easily bite into it. I need to squeeze it so that I could bite and the juices will flow if you do it, making it really messy but it tasted really good. The beef is well cooked, a bit bland but the cheese could fix the flavor. I just couldn't finish it all so I just ate the meat and left the bun because I was already to full!

The fries on the side is also good. They provided a mayo dip but I like the catchup for it better. We also argued what kind of fires it is. They said it tasted like kamote (sweet potato) but as we asked the staff, they said it was potato. It just tasted like kamote fries for us but it was a really good side dish.

I didn't get to taste the other dishes (save the mashed potato, which by the way tasted like real potato and not artificial) but since we all got to finish all, I think that all was very good. I would love to go back and order the dishes they had so I can taste it too.

If you'd ask me, I recommend this place if ever you get to go to Tagaytay. They don't have the Taal Volcano/Lake view but definitely, this place is relaxing and very nice for the whole family, barkada or a date place for your loved ones.


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