Monday, June 20, 2011

Relaxing at Sepoc Island

Our second day at Eagle Point Resort is meant for our free time there. Since the package includes a free boat ride to Sepoc Island, an island nearby, most of us decided to go there.

We rode a ferry and it was about 30 minutes ride going there. The sea was calm at that time and the cool breeze hitting our face as we stand at the side of the boat was nice. It was relaxing as we watched some small boats and the island pass by us.

After a few minutes, we were already there. We were greeted by a bamboo platform which is the port and a tall chiseled-like rock formation in front of the island. You need to walk to go to the beach area from there. As you walk, you will see a view of sombrero island from afar. It looks like a hat and I wish I could also go there.

Bamboo walkway going to the boat

We passed by some trees and some forest like area and what looks like a swamp before we got to the beach side area. There is a large cottage where guests can eat and stay. they have hammock all around where you can rest. They also have a court and on the other side is the kayak renting area. you can also just stay under the shade on the beach chairs that are provided.

The swamp (sorry for the blur)

The sand is not that fine, in fact, it was composed of small corals which are very painful to your feet as you step on it. I didn't enjoy that part since I have experienced much more prettier sands on other beaches. Although, the view was magnificent. There are certain rock formations all around and you'll be amazed of the beauty of the scenery.

pretty scenery

at the beach side

I tried to swim at the beach side since I was afraid to go further. The depth of the beach increases in every step and I am afraid of that. I got out of the waters when one of us stepped into a sea urchin. The staff there quickly gave us a calamansi fruit to squeeze into the wound. They say that it will dissolve the part that penetrated. However, according to the victim, it didn't and it stayed for a while in his foot.

After a while, I was watching others play volleyball at the court provided there. It was nice that there is a net setup there for guests to play. I decided to try the kayak since it was free. We paddled away from the shore and back again. It was quite difficult to maneuver but after a while, we were learning how to use it. We stayed at the waters for a while before deciding to go back. After us, lots of other people wanted to try it so, we stayed at the shore and watched them.

Kayaking at the beach
Soon, it was time to leave. We went back to the boat and to the resort. It was a bumpy ride back and splashes of water goes in the boat. It took us another half of an hour to go back and we washed up afterward. We packed our stuff and after a while, we are ready to go home. We surrendered our room keys and we boarded the shuttle that brought us to the parking lot. We all rode our vehicles and bid goodbye to Eagle Point and Sepoc Island.

Boarding the boat again

Bid farewell to Eagle Point Resort

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