Monday, June 20, 2011

Singing Our Heart Out at Music 21

Back from our company team building, I thought I could call it a day as soon as I stepped into our home but a last minute call changed my sweet plan of sleeping early after a tiring overnight at Batangas. Pat called asking if our planned night out will pursue, and being the yes person that I am, I quickly changed clothes and headed on Alabang to meet up with them.

We met at Festival Supermall at around 7pm. we went to Makati afterward and I was falling in and out of sleep at the back seat of the car. We went to Greenbelt to inquire at Red Box but we find it too expensive for us so, we headed to Jupiter Street at Makati Avenue to check out the videoke places available there.

We ended up at Music 21 since there are only a few cars parked. We assumed that there are a few guests at that time and we could have a room immediately. We were greeted at the front desk with the staff and we were accommodated immediately. They offered us some packages and we chose from them.

After a while, they gave us a room good for 4-5 people. It was small but it was enough for all of us. It was decorated with skateboard and skater boy wall paper all over. It has a large screen for the music and lyrics and it has a nice sound system. It also has this small computer where you can search recent songs or you can scan the book for your favorite songs. They have an intercom if you need their staff to assist you and a small air conditioning unit that is really freezing after a while.

The nice karaoke system they have

We sat on the comfy sofas facing the TV. The song list is in front of us as well as the controls. The Menu is also in front of us in case we wanted to order drinks and food. We availed of the P2000 package which includes a 3 hour videoke session and food and drinks. This is good for 4-5 people and it was super cheap for us. If you chose to extend, they will only charge you P85 per person and it was good enough for us.

Menu and the Promo we had

We ordered their Chinese Food set. It was composed of Lumpiang Shanghai, Chinese Chicken, Fried Siomai and a plate of Chinese Fried Rice. It comes with 5 free drinks and we had four bottles of booze and a glass of iced tea to wash everything up.

Fried Siomai and Lumpiang Shanghai

Chinese Fried Chicken and Chinese Fried Rice

We all entered our favorite songs and we sang our hearts out in every beat. It was nice and even if I was running out of energy, I was still enjoying it. We had a couple of technical difficulties but the staff there were all nice to assist us and check on the stuff we had. They have very friendly staff and that is a plus points in their establishment.

While singing one of our favorite songs

Our three hours was up but we still had energy for more songs so we extended for another hour. It was okay for all of us since it would just be an additional P85 for us. We chose the best songs for our last hour and after that we all called it a night. We all called for our bill and paid. At the counter we saw some props and we wonder if we could borrow them the next time. We sure will be trying to ask for that the next time and I am sure it would be yet another fun night for us.

Next time you wanted to belt out and have fun with your friends, try to go to Music 21 located at Jupiter St. in Makati. They are open from Tuesdays-Sundays 24 hours a day. I am sure you will enjoy your time there.

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