Monday, June 20, 2011

Late Lunch at Rose & Grace Restaurant

After we left Eagle Point Resort, we all decided to have lunch at Sto. Tomas. It was yet another 2++ hours of ride going there and so, I slept for the rest of the trip and woke up at Star Tall Sto. Tomas exit. From there, we took a left turn going to the town proper where Rose & Grace Restaurant is found. We are all ready for the yummy Bulalo on a cold Saturday afternoon.

We were the first to go there. The place is big and there are a lot of tables and chairs for the guests. At the left side of the restaurant is the pasalubong are where people can buy local delicacies to bring home. There are also spacious comfort rooms on the right side of the place. At the end is the counter where there are a lot of food choices to choose from. Here is where you order the dishes you want. We ordered a bowl of Bulalo, Sizzling Sisig and Pork Asado.

 The Bulalo is what made this place famous. The peel off the bone meat and yummy soup is what made it very very yummy. It warms your tummy in every sip. The meat is tender and goes well with the calamansi and soy sauce dip we made. There are some marrow on the bone but I don't usually eat that part. I was contented in the meat and some veggies on it. Before, they serve it with a stick for those who want to get all the marrow on the bone but that time, there is none. I think they just give those sticks for those who ask for it.

Half-eaten Sizzling Sisig

The Sizzling Sisig was also good. Served sizzling hot with egg on top, you need to quickly mix it to cook the egg. It was creamy after you mix it and is very yummy paired with steamed rice. It is a perfect partner with beer as well as with rice.

Pork Asado
The Pork Asado was one of the yummiest dish I had that day. It was the last order and I was thankful we got it. The sweet meat with the sauce is very tasty and goes really well not only with the rice but also with the other dishes. I really liked it and I was taking a mental note to have that dish again the next time I am  there.

I didn't get the price of all the dishes we had but we had a total of about P900 in our bill including the rice that we ordered. The Bulalo was estimated to be about P300+ on itself already. Maybe next time I'll take down how much each dish costs, however, I assure you that they have affordable and yummy dishes so do check them out.

We met with the others after a while. They also had some of the dishes we had. We waited fro them before leaving the place. It was nice to have eaten at Rose & Grace Restaurant. I hope I had many of these again in the future trips to Batangas.

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