Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My PC Died on Me

When I got home yesterday, my MewTwo (that's my PC's name) wouldn't boot. It was alright because I got used on that behavior. What I usually do is pull out the RAM and reinsert it again and it will function normally for days or weeks (or months if I'm lucky).

As I reinserted the RAM, i smelled something burning. I panicked and pull out all the plug.
When I couldn't find the source of the burning smell, I called my brother for help. He tried to diagnose it but he too couldn't see what got burnt until I boot again and the memory card couldn't be recognized. I pulled it out again and saw the horrible fate my PC had suffered >.<

see the the dark spot on the bottom right (sorry out of focus)? burned! >.<
My RAM got burned and so is the port in the motherboard. T__T

My brother told me it might be from the dusts on my CPU that triggered the short circuit on the RAM. Now I don't know if my PC could be revived again since I didn't have a spare DDR2 RAM to test the other slot. I desperately asked my friends but most don't have and others didn't answer to my plead.

I am using my old laptop now and it is super duper painfully slow! It takes 5 minutes for it to load an application. This is the worst thing ever and I'm getting depressed now. I miss my MewTwo already, my files and videos. I hope I could fix this soon 'coz the only decent thing I can use right now is my phone and its drains my battery quickly.

Anyone who wants to donate a RAM for me?

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