Saturday, January 29, 2011

Movies: The Tourist

A couple of weeks ago, Kat and I planned to watch The Tourist but unfortunately, MMFF films were still shown so we postponed it to some other time. However, Daniel offered free movies so he can use his Ayala Mall GC's from last December's Christmas party. He was generous enough to treat us all that night.

We were supposed to watch Gulliver's Travel because it is scheduled at 7:30pm but it was in 3D so it was a bit expensive so we decided to chose the next best screening time which is 8:50pm showing The Tourist (you can read our dinner before the movies here).

I checked out reviews of this movies before and it has mixed review, some people liked it and some didn't. they say that it was just famous because of the lead actor and actress which are Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. But whatever the story is, it was a free movie and Angelina *hearts* is there. Also it is for me to find out if the movie is okay or not.

*spoiler alert guys!*

The story revolves around Elise who is being spied by authorities because she is the only key in arresting Alexander Pearce, a wanted man by the authorities. It all began when she received a letter instructing her to ride a train going to Venice and look for a man  that resembles him and pretend that he was him to deceive the authorities. She followed and spotted Frank alone in the train. She sat with him and made conversations. Frank was a Math teacher and is touring Venice at that time. At the same time, authorities are watching Elise's every move and identified the man as a tourist and not the wanted person they are looking for.

As they arrived at Venice, Elise offered Frank a ride and a free stay at the room that was reserved for her. That night, as they were being watched outside by members of a gangster, Elise kissed Frank and the spies  saw it and pointed out Frank as Alexander Pearce. The chase began the morning after when Elise left Frank in the room. Gangsters chase him down the streets until he was caught by police for making a scene in the market place.

After that incident, several men are after Frank and soon, Elise became guilty of what she put the man into. She helped him escape the gangsters and gave him everything he needs to get back to his home back in America. As she did this, she went to the head quarters of the police that is responsible for chasing Alexander Pearce. It is revealed that she is an undercover agent under suspension for going with Pearce instead of delivering him to the authorities. The twists begins at this point of the story. Elise agreed to help the police to arrest Alexander Pearce on the ball that he invited Elise into.

At the ball, Elise was surprised to see Frank there. Since the police didn't want him to interfere with their mission, they arrested him and locked him up while Elise went to where Alexander instructed her to go. The Gangsters are also following them. In the house, Elise was captured by the gangsters and is forcing her to return the money Pearce owe them but she has no idea. Meanwhile the police are not making an action to rescue Elise because they are waiting for Pearce to come out.

All the while, Frank got out of the chair he was handcuffed into and went to Elise. More action events here and in the end, it was reveled that Frank was Alexander. A very strange twist but it was quite good because I already guesed it in some part of the movie.

In the end, Elise and Pearce went away together and the story ends. It was quite good for me actually. I think that people didn't like the lack of action in the movie. I on the other hand appreciate the story and its twist. I was grinning to myself because I already guessed what happened at some point and all the clues in the movie supported it. It was good enough for me.

A nice movie to watch and I am sure you will somehow appreciate it. Just don't expect extreme action scenes since this film is lacking most of it. Just appreciate the story because it was really really nice. For a free movie it was good! Thanks guys for this! :)

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