Saturday, January 22, 2011

Side Trip to Bunga Falls

After our Mt. Kalisungan Climb, we rested for a while at the jump off point. We were debating if we would go home or have a side trip at the falls the locals are talking about. Since everyone is game, we rented the jeep at the house at the start of the trail for P1000 to bring us to the falls and then get us to Calamba City Terminal.

Bunag Falls

Bunga Falls is at Nagcalan Laguna. It is a few towns from Clauan (the jump off point of Mt. Kalisungan). It was like half an hour trip
and the road has a lot of sharp curves which is very scary when dark. It was almost 5pm then but we're still game to see the falls.

After a while we reached it and lo and behold! A twin falls and it was magestic! Our driver/guide said it was 15 feet (or so) tall. It was a very pretty sight!

I found this link posted by Bry (our companion in the climb). Look very closely at the image.

see the face?
 They say there are spirits guarding this place. Maybe the face is the guardian. I don't know. You decide after reading the article here.

Can you see the face in the falls? Creepy eh? We actually didn't know this before we go in there so we just took pictures and they swam (I didn't because it was still freezing cold there).

This is my photo of the falls. Is there a face here? or it was just the angle that made it look like a face? You decide.
I think there is.. look!

Some of jumped at the top of the falls. I wish I could do that too. If I just know how to swim :(. I think that is one hell of an adrenaline rush and I want to feel it! Maybe next time, I'll do it :).

So after that, we changed clothes there and we decided to leave because it was already dark. After a long day of adventure, we are finally going home. However, our stomach are grumbling so we ate first before finally going home to rest. My body will ache tomorrow for sure but I had one hell of an awesome adventure to brag about!

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