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Happy Chinese New Year! Kung Hei Fat Choi

A few days from now, the Chinese community will be celebrating their New Year. Chinese New Year is usually celebrated late January or early February. This year, the date marked on this celebration is February 3, 2011. This is why shows on TV and radio gives tips to people on what is the lucky things they should know in preparation for this.

This year, the Rabbit is the sign of the year, specifically the Metal Rabbit. Guess what, I am born the year of the rabbit. It's my year baby!

Although most people say that the coming year will not be lucky for the rabbits because it cancels out the luck, I do not really believe in it. You see, your year sign comes only once every 12 years and you don't get luck? It was just so weird but anyway, I researched and saw some forecasts for the rabbits this year of the rabbit.

Here is a general description of people born under the Rabbit sign:

People who are born in the year of Rabbit are sensitive and always show mercy. They often have great memory power which may cause over calculation and hesitation when good opportunities pass by. They value friendship which may cause many financial leakages. Rabbit people sometimes devote too much energy to their work which may cause misjudgment from time to time. They are quite lucky in romance, but be extremely careful when starting a relationship.
Strength of People Born in the Year of the Rabbit:
Rabbit people are mainly detail oriented and quite sensitive about other's feelings. Great ability in communication make them adorable. They have very little enemy and many friends. Both male and female are artistically creative, especially in interior design. Their deep devotion towards work guarantees great productivity. They can stay calm and always able to find a way out in difficult situations.
Weakness of People Born in the Year of the Rabbit:
It seems Rabbit people are often entangled in emotional stress due to being overly sensitive. They tend to think too much and cause themselves unnecessary frustrations in dealing with people. What makes this worse is that Rabbit people do not like to share their thoughts. They can be quite conservative.
Love Tips for Rabbit People:
Rabbit people have exciting romantic lives. Because they are too sensitive, so they are easy to get hurt. Watch out for intrusion in a stable relationship. Regular sexual intercourse if the best way keeping a healthy relationship.
Wealth Tips for Rabbit People:
Rabbit people don't know how to preserve wealth. They often waste money on unnecessary events. They are not "detail oriented" when it comes to finance.
Additional Tips:
lucky directions: east, south east, south
lucky color: red, pink, purple, blue
bad-luck color: dark yellow, dark brown, white
lucky numbers: three, four, nine
bad-luck numbers: one, seven, eight
lucky flowers: cyclamen persicum, hosta plantaginea and fittonia verschaffeltii
click here to see specific descriptions on the other rabbit elements. This next one is specific for the Fire Rabbit sign (the sign I am born under).

Rabbit people love to play under the moonlight. Quite fanciful, they respond to the power and beauty of nature and are always being pulled one way and the other to examine what they find. They are the luckiest of all twelve signs! But, it's more a result of "the harder I work, the luckier I get" than taking crazy chances. They are cautious, conservative, bright, and have a good head for business. Supremely pleasant to have around, these affectionate, naturally shy peacemakers seldom ever lose their temper. They sometimes appear to be singing the blues because of a natural but short-lived tendency towards despondency. Rabbits always inspire deep admiration and trust.
Ginger Soup and Ginger Noodles are among the keys to good health!! 
The Fire Rabbits stand out from the crowd of other Rabbits. You might expect Rabbits to be passive, quiet, and loners. Not so, the Fire Rabbits. These extroverts are leaders of the pack! Fire Rabbits intuitively sense the right way to bring out the best in themselves and other people. They are brave creatures, thirsty for life. Others eagerly follow them because of the promise of adventure and great fun, and they are never disappointed. Visionary explorers, Fire Rabbits inspire others to see beyond the surface. Unlike other Rabbits, Fire Rabbits have the potential to be truly rich. Enormously capable and hardworking, Fire Rabbits can achieve great things others cannot match. Captains in charge of their lives, they experience smooth sailing in their careers. The multifaceted Fire Rabbits experience great versatility in their lives. Their interests can range from Agatha Christie to bungee jumping, from caviar to enchiladas, from snowskiing to Scrabble. Speaking of Scrabble, spell Love: L-O-V-E is very kind to Fire Rabbits. Excellent lovers, they rapturously charm their partners with cozy fireplaces, affectionate hugs, and, most of all, undying support and loyalty.
 this was from click the link for more info.
If you are born in 1927 or 1987, your Chinese zodiac sign will be a Fire Rabbit. The 2011 fortune outlook for the Fire Rabbit will be very promising and it is a good time to start focusing on the present and move ahead to achieve their dreams. You must embark on a change at your office because if you do nothing, you are actually prolonging your misery. The Fire Rabbit will have important work developments in February to April and mid-September to the end of October. The Fire Rabbit can obtain new knowledge in the metal rabbit year by attending courses or joining professional organizations. There is also a chance for the Fire Rabbit to obtain a pay rise in 2011.
This came from You can check out more of the rabbit sign on the link. Woot! pay raise, that is what am talking about being lucky in your own year! lolz!

This next one is very negative forecast. I will not paste it here since I don't want to put any negative vibes in my fortune in my year. just read here and see for yourself.

So weather or not you're lucky this year, it is still up to you how you live your life. Me, whatever the forcast is, I still believe that I am lucky and I will succeed in whatever I am doing. These are just guide for us all because no one knows what the future holds except for the one who wrote our destiny.

Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone!

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