Monday, January 17, 2011

Have you Tasted Itik?

Itik is the Tagalog word for a duck. I haven't tasted duck in my life (I think) and so, this is a whole new experience for me.

After our day hike at Mt. Kalisungan and a side trip at Bunga Falls, we decided to eat before calling it a night. We stopped by a gas station (which is the smallest Petron I ever saw) in Victoria, Laguna and beside it is a karinderya [eatery] that sells Deep Fried Itik. We got curious and bought 2 whole itiks and decided to eat it at the terminal in Calamba.

We ate at Binalot sa Dahon in Calamba (just across St. Rose Bus Terminal) and we ate the itik together with some of our orders.

Deep Fried Itik

The itik tasted like chicken but has a stronger flavor. It's meat is a bit makunat and quite difficult to bite into. The skin is very flavorful. Much more yummy than that of a chicken. I liked it but just ate a few because it has a lot of oil. The itik comes with a gravy that is very yummy too (I wonder how they made it). It was like eating a small chicken with a really distinct flavor. I am not sure but all of us was very hungry at that time and everything seems to be yummy. However, I liked it and I am glad I have tasted it once in my life. But if ever given a chance, I'd eat it again!

So if ever you dropped by Victoria, Laguna, try to taste this yummy food they offer. I assure you that you will like the experience too.

nom nom everyone! :D

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