Sunday, January 23, 2011

Binalot sa Dahon Dinner After

As we were looking for a restaurant to eat our Fried Itik, we decided to dine in at Binalot sa Dahon in Calamba just across the St. Rose Bus Terminal.It is a small place just between small establishments in the area.

We ordered our dinner here together with our Fried Itik. I decided to try out their Lomi while others ordered different dishes in the menu. I get to taste some and just asked the others what they tasted like.

I ordered their Lomi. It was one big bowl of Lomi goodness as it was served. It has fair amount of veggies and noodles in it. The soup was also good and thick because of the egg in it. It was really filling for a P42.00 dinner.

Lomi (P42)
Spicy Pork Toppings

 I am not sure what this is called but I think it is somewhat like Spicy Pork Toppings. Ai said it was okay but not that yummy. I didn't taste it becasue of that comment.

Pansit Palabok
I didn't get to taste the Pansit Palabok but it seems like it is okay to those who ordered it.

They have this very unique item in the menu, Hot Chocolate with Egg. Yes, it is weird and we decided to taste it. It was served last together with the dessert (which I failed to take a photo). It sounded strange but it tasted actually good. The egg adds thickness to the drink. It was like scrambled in the hot drink and you could taste the small strips of cooked egg in it. The egg made the Hot Chocolate richer and yummier, you should try it for yourself too!

Hot Chocolate with Egg

Next time you're in Calamba area and is craving for a good hot drink and yummy food, Try out Binalot sa Dahon and be filled with their yummy dishes.

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