Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lunch Out Series: Sultan Mediterranean Grill

Yes, It was Friday once again and if you are reading this blog, you will definitely know that it is lunch out day at the office. This time we didn't go that far because Emvin requested that we be back at 1pm because he has a meeting that afternoon. We dined at Sultan Mediterranean Grill because we remembered Joanna telling us that this place is good and the food is not that pricey so we decided to dine here.

The small restaurant is located at Valero Plaza Condominium in Salcedo Village Makati City. It is just a few blocks away from Smart Tower so it is near our office. As you get inside, they welcome you warmly. There are a few tables in the place but is just right to accommodate the guests. The interior is decorated with Mediterranean theme with pillows on the chairs and large wooden tables to the comfort of each guests. It is a cozy place to dine in. Also what is nice about it is the free wifi! I was able to chat with friends as we were dining there. It was so awesome! However, if you get to seat at the far back, mobile network signal is weak so don't expect to get a lot of text messages there.

The dishes are all Mediterranean meaning lots of kebabs, Shawarma and all grilled meat. Jacq and I ordered Chicken Tandoori while others ordered Beef and Lamb Kebab Plate. We also had a Hummus bi Tahina for our appetizer.

The Hummus bi Tahina (P100) comes with several pieces of pita bread. The dip is consist mainly of chick peas ground and some spices. We Googled this just to know what it was made (remember, free wifi!)

Hummus bi Tahina (P100)
The Chicken Tandoori (P200) is served similar to the Kebab Platter. The grilled chicken is topped on rice and is served with grilled tomato on the side and some veggies too. The chicken is tender and has a gingery taste. It doesn't taste well though unless you put a huge amount of garlic sauce on it. The chicken with the veggies are good though. I liked it and it was very filling.

Chicken Tandoori (P200)
I didn't get to taste the Lamb and Beef kebabs. they said that the lamb tasted like the beef but a bit better. Now I am intrigued what it tasted like. Maybe next time i'll order that just to have a taste of it.

Beef and Lamb Kebab Plate

Lamb Kebab Plate

The food there was really really filling and very yummy too. The price range is on the average of P200 so it was not that bad. Maybe I'll go back here next time and try out their other dishes. It seems like all the dishes in the menu is good.

nom nom! happy eating!

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