Friday, January 21, 2011

Movie Nights: Paano Ko Sasabihin? A Cinema One Exclusive

As I have posted an entry on I Do of Erich and Enchong, Nikki commented on my FB post and gave me a link on another movie of the said love team. It was only shown in Cinema One (if you have that channel on cable) and so I watched the whole movie in You Tube. Yes, it is a 12 part clip on You Tube and I watched it all! lols. speaking of bored.

** spoiler alert**

Anyway, the first clip I watched is the trailer which features Paano as the music. I was intrigued since the meaning of the song deals with breaking up with a lover because eventually, the other party found anoher. So I thought, that was the story but I was so wrong! Watch it:

The film is about Ehryl (Erich) who has a deaf brother and Mike (Enchong) who is a teacher at a special school for deaf children. Eventually, they both know how to speak sign language. Ehryl saw Mike talk to a kid in the LRT and since Ehryl know sign language, she understood their conversation. Since both of them regularly ride the train, they met again. They introduced each other through sign language and they both made each other believe that they are deaf where in fac they are both normal people.

Soon they were dating but still keeps the secret hidden to themselves. They fell inlove but since every movie has twists, eventually Ehryl wanted to tell him the truth. So she did and it shocked Mike. In the end, Mike also confessed the truth to her and at the same place where they met. He said sorry and Ehryl wasn't ansering until the movie ends.

I really don't know if they got back together or not but it was nice cliff hanger. It makes you want to think of what happened. Also it makes you realize in the end that the trailer's music is oh so wrong!

I liked this flick because for the longest time, I wanted to learn sign language but didn't have the time and patience. I still want to learn, I know now is a good time but then again, With a PC so slow, I guess It still has to wait.

The story, well, is quite predicatble, girl and guy has secrets with each other and when each finds out what is it they get angry and then they go back together (although it is not said in this flick but I like happy endings). However, the fick is quite nice. People could really relate to it.

So much for movie night! It already made me feel in love again. Ti'll next flick!

I will paste the link of the flick here (all 12 of them) and watch if you haven't seen it yet below:

Part 1: 
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:
Part 8:
Part 9:
Part 10:
Part 11:
Part 12:

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