Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy Horsey Friday

It has been one spontaneous Friday for me. I was hoping someone will invite me for a couple of drinks but it turns out there were no happenings that night from either my AA or SDK family. I even turned down movie date night with Kat because there were no other movies except for MMFF entries. I was kinda sad going home early that night when Emvin texted me and Jacq and invited us to go out. Where? we don't know yet!

So after Jacq and I had a share of our winnings from the SHI Christmas party at Starbucks, Jacq, Daniel, Emvin and I went to our gimmick. we just decided to go to Resorts World since Emvin said that there is a mall (New Port Mall) there we can go to. And also we can try our luck at the Casino (maybe I'll post this next time :P ).

We had dinner first at Shakey's and then proceed to the casino. We didn't last long there so we decided to go. We wanted to go to a bar to have a couple of drinks but we decided to go with Emvin with his friends in Paranaque.

We are in Chillocks bar together with Emvin's friends (sorry, I can't remember all their names >.< ) and we were having a lot of fun. His friends are all nice to hang out with. Chillocks bar is a nice hang out place in Paranaque. It is near Checkpoint Bar (where Flip and Ruweda had the Musiklaban audition a year ago). The place is not packed not like the popular places I have been to. They have good pulutan too. Too bad I was so full from the dinner we had that I couldn't eat anymore there. I'll definitely go back there when I have a chance. Maybe invite AA if they are game on that place (which is far from all of us except for Wazer).

We were drinking  Tanduay Ice and Red Horse when we found a bottle of Happy Horse. Happy Horse? yes, it is a rare bottle in a case of Red Horse. It is said that a case could contain none or one of it. If you get to get one you're lucky! But it doesn't do anything special. You will be just amazed by it. The back of the bottle is in red font and the horse at the label is smiling weirdly. It is how you can distinguish it from the ordinary bottle. They say it has a stronger kick but I think it is just the same with the others. I think it is just special, that's it.

Thanks to Emvin for the Picture. I can't get my picture show the horse. Loser! lol

The last time I saw one of this (and also the first time) was when I was with my AA Family. We are celebrating something which I don't want to talk about here (but it is something special and I cherish that memory.. cheesy! :P). After that, I haven't seen one until last night. It was fun seeing a Happy Horse again. After more that 2 years, it made an appearance to me again. Eitherway, Happy Horse is still Red Horse and we will drink it no matter what! cheers to a fun filled night! Cheers to Happy Horse! :)

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