Monday, January 24, 2011

Dinner at Baja Mexican Cantina

It is movie night because Daniel will use his GC's from their Christmas party and will treat us (Me, Jacq, Emvin and Marvin) for a movie. We were supposed to watch the 7:30 film Gulliver's travel but we learned that it was for 3D so we chose the next movie which is The Tourist. It will be shown at 8:55pm so we decided to gave dinner first at Baja Mexican Cantina.

It is located at the 3rd level (not sure but it is the same as the Cinema level) of Greenbelt. It is near the cinemas so we decided to give this place a try.

The place was a bit small but the tables extend up to the hallway outside. They have a small bar inside and the place is decorated in Mexican hat and a lot of Mexican stuff. Their tables are all wood and the walls have the cinema schedule for the night. It is a cozy place for barkadas.

Here are the restaurant's interior:

We ordered Burritos, Tomato Soup and the Fish Tacos.

Baja Grilled Chicken Burito (P175)
 The grilled Chicken inside is very yummy. You can taste the grilled and smokey flavor in each bite. It is a complete meal also with the rice and veggies inside.We ordered other burritos too but I didn't get to take a photo or taste it but I think they too are yummy

Tomato Soup
 This is quite sour because of the tomato. It was also a bit peppery but it was good. The nacho chips that goes with it are also a good combination with it.
Fish Taco (two for the price of one)

I didn't get to taste all the food but they are sure yummy and filling. I can't quite remember how much each dish cost but it was affordable. We were all filled upon leaving the place. A good start to watch a movie!

Next time you're around greenbelt and is waiting for a movie, try this place and I am sure it will satisfy your Mexican cravings!

Happy eating!

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