Monday, August 20, 2012

Food Trippin' Kota Kinabalu: Tropicana Lodge and Cafe

Before heading out to Jesselton Point and go to Labuan Island in the afternoon, we decided to have a quick lunch after our museum tours in the morning. We were going around the Australia Place in Kota Kinabalu, looking for something to eat when we decided to eat at Tropicana Lodge and Cafe.

Located at Lot 9, Ground & 1st Floor, Lorong Dewan (Australia Place), it is the restaurant of the main lodge. We were the only customers when we got there and I think we all made them work since we ordered some lunch food a bit earlier than lunch time. This place is just a few minutes walk from Borneo Backpackers where we stayed.

The place is small but it has a lot of seating available that extends outside the place. The smoking area is outside and I think they also use this area for the lodge's guests to bond. Inside, there are wooden tables and chairs and plastic ones. They have a lot of magazines to read on while waiting. They have a nice place inside with air condition and a TV to keep guests entertained. There is also a small restroom there and their kitchen is seen from the counter. They offer customers their menu and they have a lot in it so we have a lot of choices.

The dining area

bar and counter area

anther angle of the counter area

The crew are nice as they entertained us immediately and quickly cooked our food as we order. They are attentive in our needs and are very nice with us. They even opened their TV when we arrived so that we can watch.

We ordered Thai Squid and Sweet and Sour Chicken paired with rice and some soda to quench the noon heat.

The Thai Squid was good. It was spicy and yummy. The serving is also generous and it has a lot of vegetables in it Also, the sauce is overflowing and perfect to pair with rice. I also like their presentation

Thai Squid (RM10.00)
 I ordered the Sweet and Sour Chicken. The meal was well presented and served hot. The chicken bits have some bones in it but it was still good. You just have to get used to accidentally biting in them once in a while. good thing I got more meat than bone. Taste is also good and it has a generous amount of vegetables and sauce. Paired with rice, the meal is really good.

Sweet and Sour Chicken (RM7.00)
The meals are generally cheap here. It is within our budget and the serving is big enough to last us to our travel that afternoon. It is also a nice place and the crew are nice and accommodating. I am sure that the lodge offers a nice place to stay also.

I think there are times when they offer Filipino dishes, but I am not quite sure as we just saw a sign about it outside, either way, the food here is good and I could recommend it to anyone in the Australia Place area.

Tropicana Lodge and Cafe
Lot 9, Ground & 1st Floor, Lorong Dewan (Australia Place)
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Tel: (6088) 270284

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