Sunday, November 11, 2012

Backpacking Brunei: The Emprie

As a budget traveler, I seldom go to hotels in places I go to. Staying in a luxury hotel is a dream but not really a necessity for me. Touring around Brunei, I found out that you'll find one of the most popular hotel here because it is a six-star hotel, the most luxurious I have ever stepped into, The Empire.

The Empire is a hotel and country club locates at Jerudong in Brunei Darussalam. It is located near the beach area so the hotel guests can enjoy the breath taking view of the ocean. Good thing our friend took us on a tour here so that we could explore and see what can be inside a six-star hotel.

At the entrance of the hotel, we are greeted with friendly security personnel. I am not quite sure but I think our friend is a regular here that the security people already know him. Near the entrance is a large building which, according to Amiru is a cinema. They usually go here with his friends (since the area is near University of Brunei Darussalam) to watch movies. Following this building is a spacious parking lot and the entrance to the main lobby of the hotel.

walking to the main lobby

main lobby entrance

i think you can strike this if you are a guesr

painting inside telling the story of the Spaniards in Borneo

When you enter the hotel, you will be awed by how majestic it looked. Large paintings, elegant furniture  and very very large columns and pillars. There are a lot of stairs and escalators inside A lot of function rooms with events too. At the back is a view of the ocean through the large windows.

going down towards the back of the hotel

large pillars and grand piano

a glimpse of what to see outside

the high ceiling 

ocean view outside

going down the escalator and seeing the whole area

going outside

At the back of the place is the ocean view where you can walk around the swimming areas. They have a man-made beach under construction there. I guess it would be equally awesome when it finished. There are a lot of guests at that time swimming and relaxing at the poolside area. There are kids playing at the kiddie pool side. It was a really nice and relaxing view.

the rooms available for occumpancy

wide walking area for leisure walking

view of the fountains and main building

pool area

view of the beach

waves and the sky

ocean view

poor stone dolphins ;)

nice weather and a nice place

I think it would take a fortune staying for a night there, and never in my life i think I could afford it. I was just lucky that I get to tour around it. It was one really nice experience, and I still dream of staying here even for a night. It would be a nice bragging topic and a blog topic as well, don't you think? ;)

The Empire
Jerudong BG3122,
Negara Brunei Darussalam,
Tel: +673 241 8888,
Fax: +673 241 8999,,

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