Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)

It was our Time Out at SHI and we are entitled to have a free movie plus food for a day. We decided to register at The Block at SM North EDSA for the free movie and what excites me about it is we're going to watch the third installment of an awesome movie, Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Off we went to The Block at lunch time to catch the movie which will be shown at 2:30 pm. It was a short ride since it wasn't rush hour and we got there before it starts and so, we just took pictures and ate the free Burger King meal they gave us.

Free Movie and Food on a Friday! SHI Time Out!

*Spoiler alert here*

Transformers: Dark of the Moon is the third installment of the Transformers movies that was shown years before. It is all about the Autobots together with the humans versus the Decepticons. The main character, Sam Witwicky together with his friend Bumble Bee goes on another mission to save the world from the hands of the enemies. Sam's love interest this time was not Mikaela (Maegan Fox) anymore. It was changed to Carly (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) which was equally hot and sexy.

The film started with some clips from the 1960's landing on the moon. It shows there that there are a lot more that the astronauts discovered at the surface. They actually discovered a large space craft that was from Cybertron and they recovered some stuff there. It was kept a secret for a long time until now that most of the men involved in the secret are one by one being murdered.

After all that has happened on the 2nd installment, the Autobots work hand in hand with the humans in secret missions. Sam Witwicky went on his life and lived a normal life. He is with his new girlfriend now and he is out to find a job. At one instance, he was the target of an Deceptecon possessed man and this made him angry that he didn't know what was happening and his friend Autobots are not informing him about it. This started all the events that took place next.

After the Autobots learned of the space craft on the moon, they went there to investigate. They found Sentinel Prime, a leader of the Autobots, there and recovered some pillars. They returned it back to earth and they revived Sentinel. All was working well when they discovered that Sentinel Prime was working with the Decepticons because he wanted to revive Cybertron by using our planet.

This started the war of the machines. The Decepticon ordered the human to banish the Autobots from this planet and so they did but since the Autobots designed the space craft, they haven't really left Earth after all. They continued to fight the enemies together with the soldiers who were really brave, and after a long struggle, they won the fight. All was well again on the planet and the camaraderie between the Autobots and  humans continued.

* spoiler ends*

Okay, that was a bit fast forward, but really, that was all there is with this movie. There are a lot of awesome fight scenes and nice scenes from the casts. What I liked is that they put an end to the story that leaves te viewers contented.

Also another awesomeness this film has is the hot cars. I really loved it especially the red Ferrari which was first seen here. Although there were little exposures of Bumble Bee and Optimus Prime this time, it was still okay, however, I missed Bumble Bee's scene from the previous movies. I hoped they had put a little more emphasis on him. And yeah, what happened to his speaking voice? The previous movie had us a little preview on it and not he's back on his radio voice. I was just a little sad on that part, but generally, the film was all good for me.

It was a very nice film and I give it a two thumbs up! It is a must see and you shouldn't miss this third installment of the movie.

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