Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hangout on a Friday at TGIF

After our TimeOut from Smart watching Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon, some of us decided to go home, however, we decided to go back to Makati and meet up with my other office mates at TGIF in Glorietta.

We arrived there at TGIF around 8pm and the place was slowly filling up. At first I thought that they have a small place with a few tables for the guests but when I got inside, it was really big and a lot of people can be seated at once. They have a smoking area where people can smoke while eating. This is what I usually see when I pass by it at the mall. On the other side, they have window seats overlooking the hotels and other establishments outside. We were seated near the far end of the place. A waitress was assigned to us to take care of our needs. This is what I like about them since at the moment you stepped inside, they will quickly accommodate you and will attend to your every need.

We ordered different dishes, and since I was not that hungry because of the late lunch we had, I wasn't craving for anything. it was a bit of a problem since all the dishes they have here have a really big servings. The last time I get to eat there, we were surprised of all the food on our plate and we had difficulty finishing all of it.

The others had Jack Daniel's Burger, Chicken Fingers and Jack Daniel's Chicken and Shrimp. I had their Buffalo Bites which is one of their promo. Some of us only had drinks and for P300+ you get a bottomless Classic Mojito which is very cheap of you have high alcohol tolerance.

Jack Daniel's Burger (P465)

The Jack Daniel's Burger is a 7 ounce beef patty glazed with Jack Daniel's sauce with bacon strips, cheese and veggies on a toasted bun. It is sided with some fries and a Jack Daniel's sauce for an ultimate burger experience!

Chicken Fingers (P295)
The Chicken Fingers are breaded chicken strips fried into golden brown and sided with fries. It is served with your choice of dip. It is also another filling dish.

Jack Daniel's Chicken and Shrimp (P565)

The Jack Daniel's Chicken and Shrimp is a plate of grilled chicken breast glazed with Jack Daniel's sauce, crispy Cajun-spiced fried shrimp, mashed potatoes and vegetable. It is a really hearty dish and it looked really yummy. I guess if you're really really hungry, I would recommend you get this dish.

Buffalo Bites (P235)

I had the Buffalo Bites which are deep fried chicken strips drenched in a the spicy buffalo wings sauce. It is served with celery sticks on the side and a dip on the side. It was really spice and I loved it. It is best paired with some bottles of beer and I am sure everyone would love this. I get to finish the whole plate but with the help of the others since it was really spicy. I liked it since there are no bones to think of when you eat it but I still like the original buffalo wings. This is one of the must try here.

TGIF is a nice hang out place for those who want yummy and filling meals. They serve different cocktails as well as bottles of beer. You can pair it up with their dishes, however, you need to be prepared since most of the dishes are pricey. It is nice to go here every now and then but it is not recommended since the food is really expensive. The service as well as the place is good plus the yummy dishes makes this place a winner! Try it out yourself and go to the nearest TGIF branch near you!

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