Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sweet Treats at Cinnabon

On our way home from our Batangas weekend getaway, we stopped by a gas station in South Luzon Expressway around San Pedro, Laguna to grab some snacks. The yummy smelling treats of Cinnabon greeted us as we passed by their small store there.

My friend bought a plate of Mini Chocobron and I was so tempted to buy myself one not only because it smelled good but also it looked so yummy and mouth watering. And so, I bought a box of four to bring home and share with.

Mini Chocobron (Box of for P240)

I heated my piece of treat according to box directions and fom our microwave over came out the sweet smelling and mouth watering Mini Chocobron with oozing chocolate and cinnamon glaze. The taste was so yummy and as I am typing, remembering it, I am already becoming hungry and wanting to have one.

It was on the sweet side, though, but for me it was just okay. The size is just enough even if it was too sweet. The chocolate and sugar glaze blends well and makes the cinnamon flavored bread much yummier. It was a burst of flavor in the mouth and you'd surely have another bite after another. It was just so great that in an instant, it became one of my favorites. I will surely have one another time.

Try it out yourself and don't take my word on it. It is really good. So if ever you're near any Cinnabon branches, get their Mini Chocobron and tell me how you liked it. Happy eating! :)

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