Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dinner at Heaven and Eggs

It was a long time since my high school barkada dined out together. We planned to do this every month but we seem to forgot it. Only recently that we decided to have dinner together at Heaven and Eggs. Located at the Ground floor of Glorietta 4 near the entrance facing Glorietta 5, we all went there to have a taste of the all day breakfast dishes they offer. It has been a long time since I wanted to try out this place but there were no chance for it, until now, and since we wanted to try out something new, we all decided to have dinner here.

The place is large and there are a lot of seats for guests. They have nice tables and seating which are all cushioned. The tables are wide enough for each guests. They have a dimly lit place and it feels cozy staying there. The crew are attentive and accommodates you upon arriving.

Their menu is composed manly of dishes served for breakfast like eggs, bacon, ham and the like. They add a bit of twist in each dish which makes it an all-day dish for the hungry customers.Each dish is mouth watering and it took us a while to decide on which yummy dish to try.

We ended up ordering Hikaru's Chawan Mushi Omelet, Head Bangers' Tapa Omelet Supreme, Full Monty Cristo Sandwich and All Day and All of Night Waffle. We also ordered their unlimited iced tea and Orange Juice for our drinks.

Bottomless Orange Juice (P90)

As we were waiting for the dishes to be served, our unlimited drinks came. The Orange Juice was freshly squeezed and it has the right kind of sweetness. Same goes with the iced tea which too looks good. It was a good thing it was refillable since we almost finished a glass when the food finally came.

Hikaru's Chawan Mushi Omelet (P245)
Hikaru's Chawan Mushi Omelet which is chicken and shitake with soy glaze enclosed in a fluffy omelet, served with steamed rice and side salad. The serving is big and the dish is generally yummy. I like that there is a side salad with it, however, it was just pieces of greens, some carrots and drizzled with a bit of the dressing. It looked more like a decoration on the plate rather than a salad. The chicken is yummy together with the mushroom. You can taste its juiciness in each bite. The omelet had some Nori wrapper strips that gives it a bit of a salty flavor. The egg is nice with catchup, however, too much can drown its real flavor. This dish is very filling and yummy, a must try here.

Head Bangers' Tapa Omelet Supreme (P235)
Head Bangers' Tapa Omelet Supreme is made with their signature US Angus tapa strips, tomato, chives and local white cheese enclosed in a fluffy omelet, served with garlic rice and pickled vegetables. I get to taste the beef and it was really delicious. The garlic rice goes well with this. I loved it and I think I'll order it the next time I dine here.

Full Monty Cristo Sandwich (P285)
Full Monty Cristo Sandwich which is a golden brown custard dipped sandwich with turkey breast and honey cured ham, melted cheddar and Jack cheese served with mango orange chutney and shoestring potatoes. I only get to taste the Pik-Nik like potatoes on the side however, the dish also looked yummy.
All Day and All of Night Waffle (P235)
All Day and All of Night Waffle which is a chocoholics favorite. Composed of crisp chocolate waffle, whipped Nutella cream, dark and white chocolate curls, walnuts and chocolate syrup. We had this for dessert and we almost couldn't finish it because of the filling dishes we had previously. The waffle was yummy with chocolate flavor. It was topped with cream and drizzled with more chocolates. It was really heaven for me! I could have finished the whole plate if I wasn't that full!
Even if the dishes are a bit pricey, it was okay since the serving is big. Also, the dishes are yummy and the staff are accommodating. The ambiance is nice and it is a good place to hang out a bit. Heaven and Eggs, for those who haven't tried it yet, is a must try! Try out their yummy dishes and I am sure you'd come back for more. 
Happy Eating! :)

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