Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Place to Stay at Laiya, Batangas: Kabayan Beach Resort

It has been a long time since my former office mates and I had an outing together and so we decided to organize an out of town trip to Laiya, Batangas to party together once again.

We booked a room at Kabayan Beach Resort for an overnight stay on a weekend. We contacted them through their website ( and we got a big 2 room cottage good for 15 people, however, there were only 9 of us who went to the weekend getaway.

The cottage is called Dama de Noche, one of the biggest rooms they have. It has a maximum capacity of 15 people and can be rented for P11,000 a night.  It has two bedrooms with three double sized beds on each room. One room has its own toilet and bath while another toilet and bath can be found on the kitchen area. The kitchen area is big and is equipped with utensils for the guests to use. A gas stove is also available and there is a refrigerator and a water dispenser too. The cottage has a veranda where you can hangout, sitting on the wooden chairs. The living room area also had some wooden chairs plus, there is a cable TV on the corner near the window. This area connects the rooms and the kitchen plus the veranda outside.

Dama de Noche Cottage, The first cottage you see upon entering Kabayan Beach Resort

They also provide a grilling area if ever you want to cook grilled meat. It is just beside the parking which is just beside the cottage itself. At the first level of our cottage is the booking office of the resort where you can inquire with them. As you walk on going to the beach area, you will pass by the different rooms they also offer. These are nearer the beach and more convenient since you need not to walk far.

The rooms at Dama de Noche

Double sized beds

They have lots of pillows and blankets
They have a play ground at the resort for kids but I think it was not maintained properly since the plastic slides and toys are all dirty. Just in the middle of the resort is the pool which charges P100 per person. We didn't go there since the beach is free and we opted to swim there.

There are also common shower rooms near the beach area where you can wash up before going back to the cottages. Near the beach is a mini hall where people can just sit and relax and order some booze. From afar, there are tables and mini cottages for guests to stay. It is on the beach area already and there, you can relax as you listen to the waves crashing to the shore, or go swim in the cold waters.

This place is a nice place to stay if you want to get out of town and relax. The waves will lull you to sleep and you can forget everything here. It is also nice to enjoy it with friends and do some sports or just swim around. It is clean and cheap and a recommended place for friends and family who are looking for a nice place to stay at Laiya, Batangas. Try our Kabayan Beach Resort and hae a fun and relaxing weekend getaway!

** Sorry I didn't get to have a photo of the rest of the resort since it was raining hard our whole stay and I was afraid that my camera would get wet.

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